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Management Training 

For leaders who want to become effective managers and  build productive relationships with their teams...  

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You feel the challenge of balancing team performance, engagement, and communication... and you also want to build your management career.

You need skills in 5 key pillars:

  1. Leadership Style & Effectiveness

  2. Effective Communication

  3. Performance Management

  4. Delegation & Priority Management

  5. Feedback & Coaching

It's time to Shift with Confidence.


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The Modern Manager Leader Program


Manager Skills 

Connect and learn with other leaders like you who want to engage their teams with skill.

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Today's modern leaders understand the value of connection, community, and friendship. In the Modern Manager Coaching Program, you'll be with a cohort of leaders who are learning along side of you.

You'll gain valuable leadership skills training to help you engage your teams and positively build their performance abilities.

You'll also learn advanced tools to deal with the challenges managers face in today's unique work environment.

Leadership Style

Build your leadership brand and best communication style in a safe setting.

Business Meeting

Leadership presence and style have a big influence on your success as a leader.  You'll get an honest assessment of your strengths and opportunities, as well as customized coaching for your particular style through the Modern Manager Coaching Program.

Learn the communication techniques that cause you to be socially agile and composed.

You'll walk away feeling a positive sense of bold courage and confidence in your authentic leadership.

Career Building

Get guidance and coaching on your unique purpose to set yourself up for success.

Motivational Speaker

Want to move beyond the daily grind of work?  Feel like you are called to a special purpose and calling in your leadership?  The Modern Manager Coaching Program opens the doors for you to explore your talents and gifts, and how to apply them in the workplace.

Get feedback from a group of your peers to understand your impact and how you can be even more effective than you already are.

You'll also get specific pointers and direction from an experienced coach.


What You'll Learn

  • How to lead with authentic presence

  • Communicate with confidence and composure

  • Coach your team like a pro

  • Set expectations for performance

  • Manage difficult conversations

  • Give feedback in a positive way

  • Learn to let go and let your team do the work

  • Explore your future career development

Program Features

  • Online Virtual Environment

  • Pre-Program Assessment

  • Discovery Call to Set Goals

  • Small Cohort Group Sessions

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • Skills Development

  • Leadership Challenges

  • Tools and Templates

  • Supplemental videos

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